Price’s Candle developments

On behalf of Price’s Patent Candles Ltd, Lord AC Ltd did various product development projects including: For this project, we sourced some hand made silk lamp shades that would fit over the Sherwood candles whilst they were lit and burning, so spreading the soft candle light over the surface area below. It was essential to ensure that the […]

Maitre des Vins wine glass cleaning cloth

      Maitre des Vins asked Lord AC Ltd to source a new fibre cloth technology that could be used to produce an extremely high level of shine to wine glasses and all drinking ware.       Lord AC Ltd sourced the actual cloth and the packaging – developed the name for the […]

Ocean Balance Body Care range

[slideshow id=4] For Ocean Balance, Lord AC Ltd first created the product trade name – Ocean Balance. We then sourced the actual product fill – with organic formulations made from sea weed and sea minerals for an unusual and natural skin care regime. We also ascertained that all of the formulations conformed to EEC regulations. […]

Mane Fibres Packaging

Mane Fibres product development

For Mane UK, we were asked to develop and source a new hair fibres product. We started by determining what the fill should be, carried out all the consumer tests and develop the 11 shade colour range. We also sourced the packaging and designed the graphics that are printed on the bottle. To find out of we […]

Lime soap

Itshandmade Gift Range

On behalf of Itshandmade, Lord AC Ltd sourced the packaging and developed the actual gift range for their web site. We also designed all the  labels and swing tags and uploaded all the data onto their e-commerce web site. Below are images of some of the products we developed. [slideshow id=3] If you think we may […]

Paulerspury Players leaflets

Paulerspury Players are a local theatrical group. Lord AC Ltd has designed several posters for them to advertise their up and coming events to the local community. For more information, please contact us.   Back to leaflets

SER leaflets

SER are an Italian company who produce industrial wax and also candles. They asked Lord AC Ltd to design some sales leaflets that would show off the range of candles that they can produce. lit and unlit candles – click to see the pdf Back to leaflets.

A and V consult leaflet

A and V consult were sales agents representing UK companies on the French market. Lord AC Ltd designed specific sales brochures for them translating the UK literature into French and creating documents that could be easily emailed with all the precise sales information needed to present the new products to the French customers. Back to […]

Price’s Patent Candles leaflet

One of the product ranges that we worked on with Price’s, was a charity candle on behalf of Victoria and David Beckham. As well as developing the actual product concept, candle fragrance and packaging – Lord AC Ltd also wrote the copy and did the design for the product leaflet and promotional retail leaflet that […]

Ocean Balance leaflet

Once we had created the logo, look, packaging and sourced all the products and designed the labels, Ocean Balance then asked us to design a folding product leaflet that would demonstrate the product range and provide vital technical and legal information. Lord AC Ltd wrote all the copy and verified the legal content of the […]

Itshandmade leaflets

Itshandmade is a small start up company that needed some post card style leaflets designing that they would be either able to hand out or post. They have a very bright, modern and colourful image so we designed flyers that would reflect this: Back to leaflets

WPDM sales leaflet

WPDM provide a Server monitoring and archiving service for large companies requiring a safe and secure environment for their business to operate in. WPDM briefed Lord AC Ltd to create a sales flyer that would summarise what they do in easy to understand terminology:  Back to leaflets

Mane Seal and Shine leaflet

One of the new products that Lord AC Ltd helped to develop and source for Mane UK was their new Seal and Shine pump spray to be sold with their new hair loss fibres product. As part of the development process we designed a leaflet that would go out to all existing customers with this […]


Lord Ac Ltd have worked on several sales brochures to be used a flyers during postal/advertising campaigns or to give out at exhibitions etc. We can create leaflets of any size and work to your corporate look – or create something totally unique depending on what you are looking for. Please click on the links […]

Itshandmade client page

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Mane UK client page

Twitter Facebook Hair Loss fibres artwork Hair Loss Fibres leaflet Hair Loss fibres packaging Hair Loss fibres product development Mane Headed paper Mane order form Mane wholesale price list Mane UK and Mane Fibres  web sites Seal and Shine artwork Seal and Shine leaflet      

Mane Seal and Shine artwork

Mane asked us to design the artwork for a new product that would be a line extension to their existing Mane Hair Thickener. So we had to focus on the current branding and look and produce a new bottle that would fit in with the curent range. Lord AC Ltd actually sourced the product fill […]

Maitre des Vins artwork

For Maitre des Vins, Lord AC Ltd wrote all the copy for the final product and designed the layout of the packaging as well as sourced the final product itself and the retail pouch it is sold in.  

Ocean Balance artwork

After creating the brand name and the sea horse logo, Lord AC Ltd then wrote all the copy,designed the label look and layout for each of the products in the range: Detox Bath Soak  Shower Gel  Bath Oil  Body Butter Scrub    Balancing Body Lotion 

Body Helix Sales Brochure

Body Helix have a range of sport support products and Lord AC Ltd was asked to design an A4 leaflet for distribution to potential clients. Back to leaflets  

Maitre des Vins sales brochure

Maitre des Vins are specialised in the sale of niche accessories for wine enthusiasts. At Lord AC Ltd we produced a sales brochure for their mail shot as well as a small folding leaflet to sit inside one of their product boxes.   Back to leaflets  

Mane Fibres leaflet

Mane UK worked with Lord AC Ltd to develop their new fibre technology hair thickener. Lord AC Ltd sourced the product fill, the packaging and did all the product copy and packaging artwork. To promote the new item, we also designed a sales flyer to be sent out to all existing customers. This needed to […]

Mane Fibres packaging

Lord AC Ltd sourced all the packaging for this product and wrote all the copy and designed the artwork

Mane UK Web sites

Mane UK Ltd is a successful mail order and internet business specialising in direct consumer sales. They have a unique patented product that they have been creatively and successfully marketing now on the international stage for over 30 years. Recently Mane UK Ltd asked Lord AC to re develop their old web site and give it a fresh, more modern look with an […]