We have worked with several companies to develop corporate logo’s. Please see below:

the art of perfumery gold

Scenterprises needed to make their logo look more contemporary and sophisticated and get across quickly and simply what the company was all about.

lilac logo final

Paulerspury Players need a new, slightly fresher and more modern logo and also a colour theme to work across their web site.

Paulerspury Village website

To give Paulerspury Parish Council a coherent look across their web site and social media, I designed a logo that gave a traditional feel and a relevant colour palate.


the scentsorium logo

Scentsorium  – a new and exciting bespoke perfume store in New York. Lord AC Ltd were asked to design a logo that would be both suitable for the shop front as well as for labels on products etc. It was important that the logo symbolised “scents” and was contemporary both in style and colour.

bike logo selected

The Pantry at Potterspury are a new local Farm Shop offering local produce and home made food stuffs. They asked Lordac to develop a new corporate look for them as well as develop in store merchandise labels and a new web site. Lord AC has also done several leaflet flyers for the Pantry.


Hobbs Logo

Hobbs Electrical Services Ltd asked us to develop their logo from the Omega sign which they had previously used on their paper work. The new look is fresh, modern and distinctive and works well across all mediums.

Pat N Patch logo


Pat N Patch required the development of a company trading name which we created as well as a logo which could be used to trade products on an eBay shop. Lord AC Ltd also set up and ran the eBay shop for them.The design is clean and simple and represents someone selling items from home.

Ocean Balance Body Care Range

Ocean Balance asked Lord AC Ltd to develop a logo that would represent their new range of skin care products made with seaweed extracts. The image needed to be natural and symbolic of the sea but also needed to cross over both the female as well as the male toiletries markets. Lord AC Ltd also invented the brand name Ocean Balance and were instrumental in putting the final skin care range together.The colours selected for the logo were soft and aquatic with a sandy feel, but also kept quite muted to reinforce the natural content of the products themselves.

FTL Ltd logo

For FTL sales we were asked to create a simple logo to use on letter heads and invoices.

AJL Design logo

AJL Designs needed a logo to use on the reverse of their cards – several ideas were proposed – see Corporate Branding page – and this was the one finally selected.

Biggin Bids logo

Further to the work we had done for Pat N Patch, we were then asked to develop another logo for use with an eBay shop for a company called Biggin Bids. We created the colours to stand out on page and a simple stylised image.